Let's make it personal in a space that you're most comfortable in; home, studio or outdoors.  I love private sessions for the ability to customize a program based on your specific needs and watching you grow. You'll develop confidence, learning at your own pace as we work towards your personal goals.  It's completely understandable that a class setting can be a bit daunting at first and for the busy individual it's pretty nice having the practice come to you, fitting your schedule best. If you're a new yogi and looking to explore or a conditioned practitioner who wants to take it to the next level, this is a tremendous way to deepen your awareness and feel results. This exclusivity can benefit overcoming health concerns, injuries or limitations that may keep you from a class setting.  

  • Invite a family member or friend to join us and create a semi private experience.

  • Pricing depends on location and private/semi, please contact for more information.

Yoga Community Sonoma & Sonoma Fit


After consistently teaching the past six years in Los Angeles, I'm thrilled I have settled into Sonoma and joined the Yoga Community& Sonoma Fit Families. Expect a well rounded style with a mindful flow of linking breath to challenging poses, with an emphasis on intention, alignment, strength, balance and just letting go. I combine music that energizes your focus and encourages the exploration of relaxation & meditation. I enjoy diversifying the practices so you don't come in expecting the same thing every class.  All levels are welcome as I guide in a layering style offering modifications and challenges, it's up to you to decide to meet yourself where you're at physically and emotionally on the day, I implore you to embrace all of it. Just showing up for yourself is pretty awesome in my book. Let's have some fun.

  • Vinyasa Mindful Flow- Level 2/3- with music

  • New Client Package Unlimited for 30 days only -$69 at YC

  • Yoga Community is on MINDBODY online

  • Sonoma Fit offers $20 drop in for non gym members

Youth & Family

Bringing the family together to create a bond and have some fun breathing, stretching and developing body awareness is something special and important in today's device reliant society.  After my years of extensive experience teaching children of all ages, encouraging confidence and movement, I'm thrilled to be incorporating how to access a relaxed state of mind and body more and more. A positive self image, cultivating peace and kindness, exploring balance, coordination, strength and flexibility and learning about mindfulness, including meditation and breath-work can help children manage their emotions with-in themselves and in their social interactions.

Pre and Post-Natal Yoga: What a beautiful time for Mommy's to prepare your body for a smoother pregnancy, labour and post pregnancy.  Develop stamina and strength while balancing the nervous system with breathing techniques and meditation for an overall stress reducing experience. You deserve it! For 3 Free on-line pre-natal sessions with me check out ALO Youtube Andrea Bogart pre-natal.

Corporate & Special Events

I am proud to participate in Charity Events helping to raise funds and awareness on social and environmental issues by volunteering as an instructor. In addition, I have lead Corporate Events for multiple prestigious brands, honored to assist companies that are encouraging yoga practice as a means to reduce stress for employee's, improving team work, strengthening a sense of company identity and conveniently balancing work life with mindfulness. Incorporating yoga into special occasions, destinations trips, business conferences, school programs, etc.,  are all wonderful ways to create some rejuvenating fun into your experience.  I'm inspired to collaborate and create more partnerships in these avenues.