Meet Andrea


Uplifting, empowering and fun flowing, blending my love for music and movement into a mindful yoga practice helps guide students through their own personal journey.  Embracing yoga for its ability to evolve my mind and body well beyond the mat inspires me to give EVERYONE the opportunity do the same.  As I encourage the synchronicity of the breath and movement, you’ll create an open space for emotions to flow freely, focus the mind and allow your body to be informed through alignment as you discover your ever-growing authentic self.  

The importance of maintaining health & nutrition, an active lifestyle & balancing the roller coaster of life is what led me to get certified in 2012.  I’m a Missouri native with ten years of vinyasa flow practice, an extensive dance and tumbling background and a passion for propelling students into a healthier, happier, more balanced place.  I’m a big fan of threading mindfulness, philosophy and humor into our journey together, well rounded with some sweat and grace.  I’ve found immense healing as I’ve gratefully gathered almost a decade of wisdom and knowledge from actively practicing with some of the best instructors in the industry, having spent time in India, soaking up the true essence of the mind, body, spirit connection.  After joyously teaching dance for many years, my heart feels even more full today having transitioned into acquiring a thriving yoga business filled with students that inspire me.  My enthusiasm to work with people from all walks of life, whether you’re an unpresuming newbie or seasoned practitioner is truly a gift. I thrive on meeting students right where they are and developing a unique, personal experience regardless of it being a private session or in my intimate class setting. Having a consistent yoga practice, lead to an overall health and wellness positive shift for me and is exciting for me to share.  As an instructor I truly hope to connect with my students and enrich lives through this beautiful, personal and communal practice.


As a professional dancer, turned actress who was convinced for awhile those were my deep loves to focus on, in my late twenties, my discovery and quick addiction to yoga proved otherwise. My achievements and public image looked great on the outside but looking on the inside, I was struggling with balance. My positive efforts were lessoning and negativity was burdening me when I had to just sit with myself.  Rejection, self-doubt, poor life-style choices, joint pain, stress and the heartache from it all revealed insecurities and health concerns I wanted to address and heal. 

Blood tests and physical symptoms showed all the signs of an auto immune disorder developing. My holistic doctor informed me the yoga practice I had been dedicating more time to was already playing a big part from my condition being worse. Now I needed to be more mindful about what I was putting into my body. With this information I knew I had some work cut out for me, the choice was mine to pay attention and make changes.  I was ready.  I started taking more classes all over town gaining knowledge and enjoying different styles, respecting them all and landing most comfortably in vinyasa flow.  Finding stillness, releasing stress, feeling my joint pain dissipate, gaining strength, making healthier choices… something was happening, something really, really good and not just in the room on my mat.  I started to feel healthier and experience more joy in my everyday life. Embracing the discomforts I bump up against on my mat, allows me to be continuously awakened to explore and evolve beyond what is imaginable. The realization that a consistent yoga practice was changing my life left me no choice but to combine it with my love for teaching, get certified and share this with as many people as I could. I want people to know how having a consistent yoga practice can be, LIFE HEALING.