YOGA CLIENT Testimonials:

Here is a testimonial from my heart:

In a million years I didn’t think I would ever want to or be able to practice yoga. Then I had a bunch of issues relating to flexibility and a client of mine recommended Yoga with Andrea. Never say never. Andrea did the impossible. She has me practicing two to three times a week. Andrea’s attitude and work ethic is inspiring and I am happy to say, my days are better when Andrea and I practice in the morning
— Jeff Frankel - Lawyer
Practicing yoga with Andrea these past 2 years has not only changed my body, but has inspired me to have a more loving, positive attitude towards myself, and in turn, the world.
As a result of yoga with Andrea, I learned how to cope better with my stressful career and actually learned how to breathe! Her positive and calm nature is contagious and I’m so lucky to have andrea in my life!
— Michelle Shipp -Doctor
My lack of flexibility and range of motion has always made practicing yoga in a group setting frustrating for me. Working with Andrea in private sessions has opened my eyes to how much a tailored program could change my experience and benefit my body. Andrea’s ability to adapt to my personal needs and limitations has transformed my yoga practice. Yoga with Andrea is now a highlight of my every week. She is a blessing.
— Blair Tanner
Having worked within the fitness industry for years, I have found Andrea to have a unique teaching method that perfectly blends traditional yoga with a full-body workout. That has been hard to find in the yoga community. Her sense of calming guidance paired with positive motivation, creates a flowing yoga session and intense workout. Having switched between classes to privates, Andrea has worked with me through two pregnancies and helps me transition with my body’s needs. She is truly a gifted teacher!
— Jennifer Medford - PR President


At 51, I was late starter to yoga when I started taking yoga instruction from Andrea almost two years ago (my wife connected me with Andrea). Initially, I was very tentative since I had never done yoga before and was not very flexible. But as a long time runner (30+ years), I was looking for diversification in my workout routine. Andrea is literally the perfect yoga instructor. She is encouraging, patient, and supportive – not only with me, but with others in her class regardless of skill level. She has a wonderful disposition and a positive spirit that has me coming back to her class again and again. Andrea has inspired me with her constant support and patience as I work to improve my yoga skills. In fact, in a way, she has spoiled me since from time to time I have taken yoga classes with several other instructors (generally when Andrea is traveling) and have yet to find one who is has the complete skill set as Andrea. Most importantly, as someone who is relatively new to yoga (and who started in his 50s), Andrea makes me feel completely comfortable (i.e., not self-conscious) in her classes. Even in a large class, Andrea takes the time to provide me with individual encouragement, alternative poses, and support. I’ve come to appreciate Andrea both as a yoga instructor, spiritual guide, and person. I have come to love yoga as part of my exercise routine thanks to Andrea.
— Michael Horn
Best yoga in LA! Andrea takes yoga to a whole new level making it challenging AND mind clearing. Her music is amazing, and she comes and stretches/massages you during the poses... Seriously?!?? Does not get better than that!
— Jill Scheid -Yelp Review
I never realized how much I needed yoga until I walked into Andrea’s class and started to feel the benefits in all parts of my life - mind + body + soul. My body has completely opened up in a way that I truly didn’t think was possible. Her classes have become such an important part of my week that I literally rearrange my schedule and do whatever I can to get to them. That says something. Andrea - you are such a light to us - thank you for sharing it every week.
— Sarah Nelson, Marketing Executive
I look forward to my Tuesday class every week. Andrea is the best yoga instructor I have ever had...Also has great taste in music.
— Tyler Barth
I’ve practiced yoga for fifteen years, and Andrea is one of the best yoga teachers I’ve ever had. She brings an energetic, yet tender, reassuring attitude to the room and clearly cares about all her students’ well-being. Yoga is important to me physically, but it also helps keep me mentally and emotionally centered. Andrea understands the importance of all these aspects, and when I leave her class, I feel refreshed inside and out. She is also a delightful woman personally, with a positive, fun vibe and sense of humor, and it is a joy to be in her presence.
— Jeremy Arnold, Writer